Latest from the studio: Beauty from the left-overs

Hello all!  Here are some pictures of what has been keeping me busy lately.  All these rugs were made from my scrap pieces of fabric.  Being able to create functional and beautiful products from almost nothing is what I love about my work.


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Latest from the studio: Purple Area Rug

I am happy to present my latest creation, an area rug that has been nearly an entire year in the making!  I began collecting purple fabrics for this 7′ x 10′ privately commissioned rug last summer.  Four months, many callouses and over one mile of braid later, it’s complete!

I look forward to having free time to develop new products for my etsy shop.  Keep checking back for new braided designs!


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Latest from the Studio

The Peach Iceburg Blue rug (immediately above)  is available from my etsy shop here.

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Maple Syrup

We’ve been taking a little break from crafting here at Ginther Studios.  As soon as the weather warms and the sap starts running, I have to set aside my braiding and join in on making maple syrup.  Maple syruping is a tradition in our family, so we’ve all become quite spoiled and refuse to use anything but 100% real maple syrup. This year’s yield is particularly beautiful and will be enjoyed over homemade pancakes for as long as we can make it last!

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Mrs Ginther/Mr Ginther/Kara Ginther collaboration


It’s great to have a creative family.  This purse is our latest collaboration.  I braided the bag, my daughter Kara carved the leather flap and my husband engineered the strap and latching mechanism.  We are all quite pleased with it!

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Latest from the studio: Ball Blue/Cerise Pink Braided Wool Round Rug

I often have a lot of extra strips when I finish a rug, so I’ve decided to face the challenge of creating designs from my left-overs!  This is my latest re-recycled piece.  It measures 26.5 inches in diameter.

You can purchase this rug from my etsy shop here.

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Welcome to the home of Mrs Ginther

My designs are a modern twist on an old tradition. Using primarily quality recycled materials or virgin wools I draw from over a decade of experience to create rugs, bowls, bags and other items that are designed to last.

My goal is to create heirloom quality pieces; rugs that are designed for generations of daily use.
Some points to look for before ordering a braided rug:
1) High quality materials-predominantly wool.
2) Consistent braids, firm, but flexible to allow the rug to adjust to stresses and humidity.
3) Tight lacing gives rug extra durability.
4) Heavy lacing cord concealed inside the braid to protect the cord from abrasion.
5) The finished rug should be a little stiff when first placed and may require two to three weeks to relax to fit your floor.

When I do use recycled materials in my rugs, I only use strong materials that have a lot of life left.

So please look around and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Thank you for your interest in what I love best!


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